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  • Reading: What I'm writing.

Love this song! It's quickly become one of my favorites from this play.
  • Reading: What I'm writing.
My OC “Darren White” (“The Unlucky Psychic Jock”) will now be known as "Daniel Albert Wahlström”. I will probably not add the “ö” mostly because I’m worried I might forget to write it that way. As of now, I will be removing all pictures and text with his current name, “Darren White”, and systematically changing everything over to his new name.
Sometimes I want to move away and never return. Then I remember no where in the world is safe or happy.

I seem to have two settings when missing someone a lot:

  1. Don’t give a flying fuck whether the person in question is alive or dead

  2. I become Miss Havisham still awaiting her husband-to-be in her wedding dress surrounded by a rotting house, food, and clocks stuck on the same time until person in question returns to my side or I die

I realize I’m a very fucked in the head individual, but I really don’t care.

The Boys - Ages and Heights by EBraunstein
The Boys - Ages and Heights
Wanted to do a little bit of rethinking when it came to these guys, so I doodled this up. Without going into much detail, here's what I came up with:

Keven is oldest of his friends. He is in the same class as them because he was held back a year in Elementary School due to poor grades in Reading, Literature, and English caused by his Dyslexia. He is second tallest next to Roy. Although he comes off as outwardly intimidating due to his large, bulky build and [slow] deep, booming voice, Keven is a gentle giant. Despite his slow manner of speech and poor grades in school, Keven is far from stupid. He shows a great intellect, especially when it comes to his vast knowledge of cooking and baking. He's a lacto-vegetarian, choosing to eat large meals made up of eggs, cheese, vegetables, and fruits. (He has eaten fish on occasion, but still calls himself a vegetarian.) He tends to overindulge on his food intake but works most of it off by jogging and working out regularly which is what led to his immense size.

Roy is the tallest (and largest in width) but second eldest of his friends. Although he's mostly all bulk, he's got a lot more brains than people give him credit for, often spouting philosophical questions that no one has the answers to but really make you think on your place in the universe. He claims he works out for two main reasons: one is so he has something to do with his time and two, his REAL reason, is to gain strength and stamina for whatever activity he may be needed in, not just to look good. He tends to have a short temper and is often the group's brawler; should that need arise. This often gets him and the boys in trouble.

Marc is third eldest of the group. He's a huge fan of baseball and played a few years on his school teams. His views on the world are mostly cynical, tending to use his multitudes of social anxiety as reason for this attitude. Despite this, he chooses to keep a level and calm head about him even in the darkest of times. He acts somewhat like a sarcastic father towards his friends, caring about them all deeply but often being over judgmental. He has several health problems such as high blood pressure (due to his high anxiety), asthma, and diabetes. He tends to not remember to take his medications, causing him to black out sometimes, and he smokes like a chimney. This often creates problems for his friends, who wind up having to seek emergency assistance for him. His bad habits are often the subject of debate [and arguments] between him and his friends, but they don't push too much so as not to overwhelm him.

Daniel is the fourth eldest of the boys. A natural born klutz, he is often tripping over his own feet or walking into a wall by mistake. He's an avid sports fan with an extreme love for football, leading to him playing on the school football team as quarterback every year since he was old enough to play the sport himself. He acts as the group's glue, often playing the roles of peacekeeper, referee, and tie-breaker in his friend's arguments. He tries his best to keep everyone around him happy and safe from harm. Being a mind reading psychic has its advantages; he knows when one of his friends are going to say or do something stupid that could get them hurt or killed, so he has enough time to stop them long before any action is carried out. Although he has a naturally clumsy nature, the bandages he wears are to hide scars caused by his own abusive father, who likes to take his aggression out on him, using Daniel as a living punching bag. However, because of his mother's overprotective nature, he usually smothers his friends with his inherited overprotective and caring personality. This often leads to rifts between him and his acquaintances.

Mikey is fifth eldest and is the shortest of the group. His passion in life is film making and photography, aspiring to be a filmmaker or director some day. Due to a birth defect, he's never grown more than 4'5" in height, leading to his friends jokingly referring to him as a midget. He was orphaned as a toddler, and has no recollection about his parents at all. The only thing he is certain of is one of his parents was white and one was black, though he doesn't know which one was which, having no photos or documents to go off of. He often jokes that he was just dropped on the planet by aliens, since he has no proof of his parents existence and no other living relatives to talk to about them. He was a product of the old saying "It takes a village to raise a child", as the entire population of the island took care of him and checked in on him when need be. He counts himself lucky that his friends all love and take care of him as if he were their little brother. He suffers from glandular issues caused by his birth defect, causing him to gain weight easily. He has an intense allergy to blueberries, breaking out in purplish colored hives and swelling from eating just one.

Eliott AKA "Mop" is the baby of the group, being the youngest. When he was very small, he was forced into servitude for his father; cleaning the house, running to the store for cigarettes, making coffee, etc. His dad was very neglectful of his needs, not providing him with his own clothes but giving him old, worn hand-me-downs instead. When he was 6, his father's health deteriorated rapidly. One morning he woke up and his father wouldn't get out of bed. He called the ambulance and his father was declared dead then and there. He moved to Thornewood to live with his Cousin Roy's family the next day, only bringing one suitcase with two pairs of [his father's] pants and shirts. His friend and soul sister, Maggie, followed close behind him in order to make sure he was well taken care of, having lost her mother a year prior and knowing the pain her "little brother" was feeling. Upon getting closer to Roy and his friends, they began referring to him as "Mop" due to his ever-growing mop of curly red-brown hair. Eliott tends to be a bit gullible and is also phobic of many things, mostly stemming from his father's own fears transferred onto him. Despite his rather innocent and sweet nature, he is a master of manipulation and blackmail. He has almost no morals and has kept his childhood wickedness throughout the years. Because of this, his friends and family have a peculiar cautious respect for him, sometimes referring to him as "Godfather" in jest.

I know this went on a little long. I had only meant for these to be two or three lines long, but they wound up being mini backstories.

Wanna know more about the guys? Just ask.

Roy Koopa belongs to Nintendo but his human form is my own design.
Keven, Marc, Daniel, Mikey, and Eliott are all my own characters.


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  • Reading: What I'm writing.

Love this song! It's quickly become one of my favorites from this play.

In your opinion, how old are the Super Mario characters? (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, etc.) 

13 deviants said 30-39
7 deviants said 20-29
1 deviant said 40-49
No deviants said 50



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